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Quarter Mile Foundation/PROJECT 1320 Interviews More Hot Rodding Legends

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  The Quarter Mile Foundation has collected 16 more interviews of hot-rodding legends for its "PROJECT 1320" documentary film series, bringing the total number of interviews completed to 50.
The Quarter Mile Foundation has collected an additional 16 film interviews for the "PROJECT 1320" documentary film series at the recently completed NHRA/Holley Hot Rod Reunion at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky from June 16–18. The "PROJECT 1320" documentary series chronicles the history of the pioneers of drag racing and the performance aftermarket from the late ’40s through to the end of the ’80s.

The interviews were conducted by noted drag-racing journalist/historian Don Gillespie over the course of the three-day event. “It was an honor at Bowling Green to sit down with a terrific cross section of the literal legends of the sport, especially from the East and Midwest regions, and record firsthand recollections of drag racing's evolution, their individual careers and friendships, on-track triumphs and tragedies. These are the faces and voices of our sport's history, and the quest for interviews remains vastly important as the Foundation continues its efforts to create awareness and secure vital membership assistance at major drag races across the United States,” said Gillespie. 

“Just listening to these individuals is not only important insight, but a real treat as well. When you stop and think of the era in which they raced, the machinery they created—much of it by hand—and the mechanical behemoths they strapped themselves into, plus the achievements and trial-and-error lessons learned, it is truly an amazing presentation. I'm sure viewers will not only enjoy their serious and sometimes tearful tales, but also the content that traces exactly how our sport progressed from humble, post-war, hot-rod beginnings to the professional form of 300-mile-per-hour entertainment it has become.”

Foundation Chairman Traci Hrudka commented, “We were able to get to some very significant racers who competed in a variety of classes. Don [Gillespie] again was able to pull out a tremendous range of emotions from these guys, as well as capture significant historical information.”

Below is the list of the interviews obtained at the NHRA/Holley Hot Rod Reunion. This brings the total number of interviews completed to 50:
  • Al “Mousie” Marcellus
  • George “Bushmaster” Schreiber
  • Gene Altizer
  • Bobby Langley
  • Al Bergler
  • Kenny Hirata
  • Bob Muravez (aka Floyd Lippincott Jr.)
  • Hubert Platt
  • Bruce Larson
  • Jim Oddy
  • Bill Pryor
  • Steve Gibbs
  • Don Garlits
  • George Montgomery
  • Jerry Baltes
  • Steve Reyes
For more information, contact Traci Hrudka at 440/888-0088 or, or visit PROJECT 1320.