Spy Shots

Spy Shots—2013 Mustang GT500 to Take on Camaro ZL1?

Mustang GT500

The mystery Mustang GT500 was spotted on the "Ring" again by the shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co., and they say that the rumors of what's lurking underhood are flying as fast as the car.

The sources of the speculation are the visible, newly configured intercoolers behind the main grille and the right foglight opening. Priddy says that some have told her that it's evidence of a new, 5.0L, twin-turbo V8, while others swear that there will be no turbos but a new supercharger. The only thing that is for sure, however, is that either setup would obviously need an intercooler.

What is known for sure is that the new GT500 should have 600–625 hp to combat the upcoming Chevy Camaro ZL1. Priddy and her team will deliver more details as they become available.

Mustang GT500

Photo: Brenda Priddy & Company