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Spy Shots—Chrysler Building Fiat-Based Dodge Compact

Fiat Chrysler Sedan

The team of shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co. spotted this Fiat-based Dodge sedan undergoing early testing on Fiat's C-Evo architecture with the Dodge grille replacing Alfa's signature front end. Priddy says that except for the Dodge grille and bumpers, the Alfa Giulietta may look normal, but this early-development mule is using the body of an Alfa that has been lengthened and widened.

With the photos showing a longer and slightly wider Giulietta body, Priddy thinks the Dodge compact sedan should be nearly the same length as the current Caliber and slightly wider for more passenger comfort.

Code-named "PM" and "PF," speculation is that this sedan would replace the Caliber for Dodge and be an all-new entry for the Chrysler badge. Though, for fans of the Alfa's looks, Priddy's team has been told that the Chrysler models will share no sheetmetal with the Giulietta.

These new compact vehicles are due sometime in the middle of 2012.

Fiat Chrysler Sedan
Photo: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company