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2011 SEMA Select Committee Election Results Are In!


The 2011 SEMA Select Committee election results have been announced. Each Select Committee has a “Nominations Task Force” to oversee the elections process for their particular council. The sitting chair-elect of the council chairs the task force, which is also made up of one other select committee member and one council member “at large.” Once nominations close, the task force reviews the nominations to determine eligibility and also how many and which nominees will be on the final ballot. Each council member company receives one electronic ballot. The council chair and chair-elect notify all election winners and non-winners of the results before all results are announced.

“The SEMA council elections are an integral part of SEMA’s membership engagement strategy," said Nathan Ridnouer, SEMA vice president of councils and membership. "Through these elections, we are able to identify the best and brightest the industry has to offer. We are excited to have a number of new and returning faces joining the elected ranks for 2012 and welcoming them to their new positions on council Select Committee leadership.”

The 2011 SEMA Select Committee election results are as follows: 

ARMO Select Committee

Christina, Jim (Incumbent)
  Dynacorn International Inc.
Menzler, John   COMP Performance Group
Roberts, Dennis   Distinctive Industries
Tolleson, Jason   Source Interlink Media
Yager, Jeff (Incumbent)   Hemmings Motor News
Weiman, Harry (Incumbent)   WyoTech








HRIA Select Committee

Bowers, Scott
  Ron Francis Wiring
Colf, S. Kellie (Incumbent)   Aftermarketer Club
Gorman, Ray (Incumbent)   Stainless Steel Brakes
Holland, Tammy   COMP Performance Group
Saltrick, Eric (Incumbent)   Steele Rubber Products Inc.
Voelkel, Bret (Incumbent)
  Air Ride Technologies








TORA Select Committee

Card, Charlie (Incumbent)
  Vehicle Accessories
Gramelspacher, Nick (Incumbent)
  Meyer Distributing
Hermann, Rick
  MacNeil Automotive
Holden, Charley   Cap World
Pitts, Shawn   Considine Sales & Marketing
Ripper, Chris (Incumbent)
  ATC Truck Covers
Woodell, Mandi (Incumbent)   Weathers Auto Supply









MPMC Select Committee

Carroll, Billy (Incumbent)
  Lunati Cams
Hughes, Jim   Hughes Performance/Motorsports
Matusek, Steve (Incumbent)   Aeromotive, Inc.
McInnis, Jack   Dart Machinery
Willmore, Kelli   MasterCraft Safety







MRC Select Committee

Adin, Mark (Incumbent)
Considine, Jim (Incumbent)
  Considine Sales & Marketing
Eagan, Bill
  Airheart Sales
Kirby, Les
  NA Williams Co.
Perry, Chris (Incumbent)   Bill Perry & Associates







PRO Select Committee

Bacon, Mike
  Webasto Product North America
Braschler, Diana (Incumbent)
  Dealer Source Ltd.
Braun, Jason (Incumbent)   Meyer Distributing
Jacobs, Doug   Restylers' Choice
Johnston, Joey (Incumbent)
  Tops & Trends
Ott, Ray   Auto Trim of Cleveland
Stanifer, Mike (Incumbent)
  Innovative Creations Inc. (ICI)
Wolin, Scott (Incumbent)
  Pecca Leather Inc.










SBN Select Committee

Carpenter, Susan
  JR Products
Colf, S. Kellie   Aftermarketer Club
Fickler, Debra   Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP
Kevin-Gelhard, Nan (Incumbent)   Summit Racing Equipment
Kwan, Christina (Incumbent)
  Kwan International Inc.







SPC Select Committee

Bradley, Kent
  Performance Business
Finn, Regis (Incumbent)
  Baja Designs
Tibbetts, Roger
  K&N Engineering/AEM Induction
Yim, James (Incumbent)   Falken Tire
Ziozios, Dave
  Motovicity Distribution







WTC Select Committee

Austin, Kelly
  Ultra Wheel Co.
Feldman, Hank
  Performance Plus Tire
Findeis, Joe (Incumbent)
  The Ultimate Wheel & Tire Plus Sizing Guide
Frymer, Douglas A. (Incumbent)   Law Office of Douglas A. Frymer
Liffick, Fenton (Incumbent)   Prestige Autotech Corporation
Mercincavage, Carl (Incumbent)   Keystone Automotive Operations
Riegel, Bob   Bridgestone/Firestone









YEN Select Committee

Banaitis, Monika
  Keystone Automotive Operations
Bonato, Scott
  Jump Start Automotive
Carlson, Kris (Incumbent)   Auto Meter Products
Fink, Jason (Incumbent)
  Advantage Truck Accessories
Reasoner, Matt
  BedRug, Inc.
Timmons, Mike   Wes-Coast Marketing
Tomasino, Clayton   Scorpion Protective Coatings, Inc.