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Spy Shots—Toyota's New FT-86 Coupe: Turbocharged, Aggressive and Ready for Year's End

Toyota FT-86

Earlier in the week, the photographers at Brenda Priddy & Co. delivered photos of the production prototype of Toyota's new sporty two-door FT-86. Soon after, the team sent over shots of the much hotter FT-86 Coupe.

This FT-86 coupe is looking to be noticed—sporting aggressive bodywork on the front clip, side skirts, lower rear fascia at the rear and the hard-to-miss massive rear wing.

Priddy says that compared to the last concept car at the New York Auto Show, the real thing appears to be toned-down from the hyper-aggressive style of the Scion FR-S concept. She noted, however, that the grille opening and overall profile look similar to the concept.

Sifting through the rumors for this car—which Priddy reports run far and wide—she says there are a few tidbits that seem largely agreed upon. The chassis should be a modified Legacy platform, possibly with bits of the Impreza thrown into the mix. The FT-86 is assumed to be rear-wheel drive and will likely have 2+2 seating, along with independent suspension all around.

For the regular FT-86, a 2.0L flat-four motor pushing about 200 hp will most likely be under the hood, and Priddy says that a six-speed auto with paddle shifters, or a six-speed manual, should be available. For this sport version, she expects that 2.0L flat-four to be turbocharged and rated for around 250–275 hp.

The Toyota and Scion version of this car should debut towards the end of 2011.

Toyota FT-86
Photo Credit: Brenda Priddy & Company