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CARB Grants Extension of “Products In Progress” Program for Diesel Parts

At SEMA’s request, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently extended its “Parts in Progress” (PIP) program until September 30, 2011. The program was slated to conclude on June 30, 2011. The program was initiated in light of California's inclusion of light- and medium-duty diesel vehicles in its smog-check program. In order for uncertified diesel parts to not cause failure of the visual portion of the Bureau of Automotive Repair's (BAR) smog check, CARB (in conjunction with SEMA and its members), created a procedure whereby members submitted Executive Order (E.O.) applications; the agency then conducted an "engineering analysis" of the parts and placed them on a PIP list. The PIP list (viewable at identifies companies that have submitted all traditional E.O. applications materials and are currently addressing test requirements spelled out in the program, including a rigorous steady-state test mode. Test letters continue to be obtained and testing has begun. Now through September 30, no diesel vehicle equipped with parts in the certification process will fail the visual portion of the BAR smog-check test.

Limited laboratory testing capability coupled with delays in members receiving CARB test letters have exacerbated getting tests completed to date. Meanwhile, BAR smog-check stations are referencing the CARB website to identify products that will not cause failure of the smog-check’s visual portion.

According to CARB, manufacturers of non-tuning products are not having problems concluding their emissions compliance testing by the original June 30 deadline. However, based on a variety of reasons, producers of tuning products are confronting issues, such as limited testing facilities able to conduct the required tests, anticipated changes to current product configurations and complexity of the new testing protocol.

SEMA staff continues to work with manufacturers of tuning products, the primary test facility (Automotive Testing and Development Services) and CARB representatives to help in meeting this new deadline. For additional information, contact Jim McFarland at 901/377-1210 or