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Spy Shots—2012 GMC Terrain Denali: No Camo, New Exhaust Tips

Terrain Denali

In what the shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co. describe as an odd move, the team was able to get the drop on the General Motors ’12 GMC Terrain Denali, both with and without camouflage.

Priddy says that it appeared that GM was hoping to hide this new Denali model in plain sight; however, once the shooters caught the new model with no camouflage, they then started seeing prototypes WITH camouflage. Fortunately for the team, the addition of camo only serves to support the reality that this prototype is most definitely a Terrain Denali.

Up front, it's very easy to see the Denali-style grille, and Priddy is sure that the grille will be chrome once this vehicle starts production. In back, there are new square chrome exhaust tips.

Bright finish, Denali wheels are also visible on the prototype with no camouflage.

Terrain Denali

Photo Credit: Chris Doane/Brenda Priddy & Company