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Spy Shots—Caddy's New SRX Plug-In?

Cadillac Plug In

Back in early March, during an interview about the Chevy Volt powertrain, a GM engineer let slip that work was under way on a plug-in version of the Cadillac SRX. While a spokesman for GM was quick to deny that such a program existed, the shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co. provide proof of the plug-in's existence as an early prototype has just hit the streets.

Priddy points to a few things on this mule that indicate this is no ordinary Cadillac. The first is the new fuel door that's been crudely installed, with spot welds, on the driver's side. Normally, the fuel door is on the passenger side of the SRX, and the prototype in these photos has a door on both sides. Priddy speculates that one is for fuel and the other is a temporary door for the charging port.

A look inside shows a significantly updated interior featuring a new center stack—similar to the one Priddy's team spied in the ’12 XTS—along with what appears to be a large touchscreen. Priddy also reports that a new steering wheel, shifter and gauge pod are also easy to see.

Priddy also said it was worth noting that the engineer's laptop present in the car had one of GM's Hybrid badges on it, a finding she feels was probably not a coincidence.

On the outside of the SRX, a new grille insert is visible—a feature that Priddy says will likely spread to the entire SRX line once it's refreshed.

The technical details are slim at this point, however, the SRX should be sporting some adaptation of the Chevy Volt powertrain, according to Priddy and her team. When speaking about the Volt powertain during the March interview, the GM engineer was quoted as saying, "We've got another plug-in coming, the SRX, which is the same basic technology."

Look for more details to surface as the Los Angeles Auto Show approaches in November.

Cadillac Plug In
Photo Credit: Brian Williams/Brenda Priddy & Company