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Spy Shots—Ford Packs 35 More Ponies With Taurus SHO

Taurus SHO

Ford hasn't been secretive about giving the SHO more power and with this design update, more power is on the way. Brenda Priddy's team of spy-snooping shooters recently caught this sinister-looking, blacked-out ’12 Taurus SHO prototype sporting significant updates while playing in the rain.

The biggest news with the refreshed Taurus SHO should be under the hood, according to Priddy. Several months ago, at the annual SHO Convention in Dearborn, Ford's North American Car Marketing Manager Steve Ling said that the SHO's "365 hp is good. 400 is better." That hint wasn't exactly subtle, so Priddy fully expects a more potent version of the 3.5L Ecoboost lurking in this prototype.

Through the camouflage we can see a new, cross-hatch grille with the blue oval peeking out on either side of the camouflage strip. Priddy says this grille is different from the one spotted on prototypes spied last summer, and the lower intake on the new model has been redesigned and is not nearly as tall as the lower intake on the current SHO. A redesigned bumper and possibly a hood are likely hiding under the camo as well. The aggressive, 20-in. SHO wheels have also been modestly revised on this new model.

As for the rest of the Taurus line, Priddy says that a design update is coming as well, with more of an effort to differentiate the SHO from the lower trim models.

Taurus SHO

Photo Credit: Brenda Priddy & Company