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Oregon Reintroduces Bill to Limit Suspension/Tire Alterations

SEMA is opposing a bill in the Oregon legislature that would severely limit vehicle suspension, body lift and wheel/tire alterations. Specifically, the measure would ban vehicles whose bumpers are elevated more than 3 in. over the original manufactured bumper clearance. Identical legislation was last introduced in Oregon in 2001. Among other things, the bill discriminates against hobbyists and aftermarket parts makers by leaving it solely to the vehicle manufacturers to choose bumper heights; would force owners of modified vehicles to spend large sums of money to reinstall original components; and would ban useful alterations that provide adequate clearance for on/off-road capability and accommodate heavy loads, larger tires, improved suspension and water-fording capability. The bill would also impose a fine of up to $360 per offense for vehicles that exceed the 3-in. clearance requirement.

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