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Become a SEMA Member Anytime, Anywhere With New Online Membership Form

Whether your company is large, small, growing, established or simply new to the market, now is the best time to join SEMA and take advantage of the benefits membership has to offer. The new online membership application is a user-friendly process that makes it even easier to become involved with SEMA.

SEMA offers several benefits to its members, including networking opportunities and business promotions. Upon becoming a member, your company will be designated a MySEMA profile where you can network with thousands of other industry professionals and participate in discussion groups, which are open for your questions, expertise and advice. Check out the SEMA councils on MySEMA. They are a great way to get involved in the aftermarket industry and provide an opportunity to help grow other companies within the business.

Don’t hesitate to call SEMA customer service at 909/610-2030 or e-mail with any questions during your online membership application process.

Join today, and experience all SEMA has to offer!