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Oregon Introduces Bill to Ban the Sale of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

A bill (H.B. 3214) to ban the sale of certain new motor-vehicle exhaust systems or exhaust system components that cause motor vehicles to produce noise that exceeds noise limits has been introduced by Oregon State Representative Phil Barnhart.

Under the bill, noise limits would be specified in rules adopted by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). However, in 1991, the DEQ terminated its noise-control program. The bill has not yet been assigned to a committee for consideration. Among other things, the bill would prohibit the sale of these exhaust systems in Oregon and the sale of these systems by an Oregon-based business to an out-of-state customer; provides no clear standard to enforce, and refers to DEQ noise standards that are not currently in use; and makes no accommodation for SEMA-model legislation to allow vehicle hobbyists to buy and install aftermarket modified exhaust systems that meet a 95-decibel limit under a fair and predictable test.

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