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Steve Wolcott Overwhelming Choice for Robert E. Petersen Media Award

  Steve Wolcott of ProMedia LLC received the Robert E. Petersen Media Award at last month's MPMC Media Trade Conference.

The Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) presented its Robert E. Petersen Media Award to Steve Wolcott of ProMedia LLC in conjunction with the MPMC Media Trade Conference in January. The award is presented to a member of the print, electronic or broadcast media who has made a substantial contribution to the industry within the past year and maintains an ongoing record of service and support to the motorsports industry.

Kyle Fickler, vice president of sales and marketing for Weld Racing and current MPMC chairman, says that the MPMC's selection of Wolcott for the award was a an obvious one, due to his support of the motorsports industry and the overall breadth of his contribution.

"He does an incredible job of connecting the motorsports manufacturer to the racer through project builds and tech features in his ProMedia publications, Fastest Street Car and Race Pages, and the related websites for the NMRA and NMCA sanctioning bodies.

It is through these outlets and Wolcott's approach to covering the motorsports industry that he provides manufacturers an additional opportunity to interact with their customers where they want to see them the most—at the track—and then he tells that story as well.

"It’s that connection that is so relevant to the motorsports parts manufacturer, and it shows that it is possible to report race results while delivering substantial tech content and giving manufacturers a platform to engage the 'outlaw' street car and late-model performance enthusiast."

Wolcott was on hand to receive the award, and he expressed his gratitude for the honor and recognized the importance of participating in an event that helps support the people and companies involved in motorsports.

"I was truly honored to receive this special award in the name of the person who first gave me my start in the performance industry," said Wolcott. "NMRA, NMCA, Race Pages and Fastest Street Car have participated with MPMC's Media Trade Conference for the past decade, and we recognize how important it is for our magazines and series to support SEMA, its members and promote our great industry. Over the past 17 years, I have developed incredible personal relationships with many wonderful men and women in the performance aftermarket, and my team works hard to support motorsports and the companies that manufacture the parts our racers use."

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