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Spy Shots—Kia Updates Its Soul for 2012

Kia Soul

Spy shooter Brenda Priddy and her stealthy network recently caught a significantly updated Kia Soul testing near the Arctic Circle. This face-lifted compact was part of a large group of other Hyundai/Kia prototypes when these images were snagged.

While the big design trend a few years ago was fender vents, according to Priddy, lately many OEMs seem to be mimicking Audi's LED daytime running lights. Judging by the image above, Kia will not be an exception to the rule. However, Priddy reported that Kia may not have wanted us to see that particular feature as they were soon turned off after the first photos of the lights were taken.

Judging from the extensive camouflage, Priddy says the Soul will get significantly redesigned front and rear fascias. New headlights and taillights are almost certainly in store as well. The styling on the door panels may also be modestly freshened.

Watch for more details to emerge in the coming months.

Kia Soul 2012

Photo Credit: Brenda Priddy & Company