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SEMA Financial Benchmarking Program Adds New Incentive


SEMA’s Financial Benchmarking program was developed to provide SEMA-member companies with a means to measure and compare business operations with those of other companies within the specialty-equipment industry. Each month, data is collected from manufacturers, retailers and warehouse distributors. It is then aggregated and used to create three different reports, which are provided free of charge to the study participants.

Otherwise, the report is available at a cost of $50 for SEMA members and $99.99 for non-members. Click here for the report.

Since its inception, the participants have received only the report that pertained to their company type, at no charge. For example, a retailer would only receive the retailer report. Going forward, participants will continue to receive the information at least one month prior to release on SEMA’s website; however, as an added incentive to participate, respondents will now receive all three reports, free of charge.

Aron Beach, vice president of finance for Prestolite Performance, said, “We use it to get a true sense of where the industry’s heading. It’s a difficult industry to get a handle on since it’s so fragmented.”

Participants will now have the chance to see the broader picture of the industry; for example, by comparing warehouse distributors’ outlooks to manufacturers to retailers at no extra charge.

The following links can be used to participate in the survey:


Please note, the data currently being collected pertains to December 2010.

For more information on SEMA’s Financial Benchmarking program, send an e-mail to research@sema.org.