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Spy Shots—Audi's A4 All-Road Heading Stateside?


Audi unveiled its high-riding A4 Allroad at the 2009 Geneva Motor show, and at that time, it was thought the vehicle's future was for European roads only. However, judging from some recent photos supplied by Brenda Priddy and her team of shooters, that may be about to change.

While this looks like the standard A4 Allroad, with its matte gray wheel arches and increased ride height, Priddy points out that this test car has a few subtle differences. One is the headlights, which have amber side-markers—something required by U.S. regulations. The second is the holder for a U.S.-size license plate on the front. The third indicator, and most importantly, a peek inside revealed a speedometer in miles per hour.

With this year's American auto show circuit ready to kick off in Detroit in January, Priddy says not to be surprised if official word comes from Audi within the next few months.


Photo Credit: Brenda Priddy & Company