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Spy Shots—Ford Preps 2012 Grand C-Max for the States


Ford Grand C-Max

Brenda Priddy's group of shutter sleuths have uncovered evidence of more Ford European products hitting U.S. shores with these shots of the U.S. spec, 2012 Ford Grand C-Max.

Priddy reports that this early development vehicle has a cobbled together front end, likely to allow clearance for powertrain components. The C-Max will share underpinnings with the new Ford Focus. Under the hood, you will find Ford's 1.6L four-cylinder Ecoboost motor. Spec-wise, Priddy says that the U.S. Grand C-Max should end up with somewhere around 160–165 hp.

Ford has made no secret that U.S. customers will soon be able to buy this vehicle. In early October, the automaker invited American automotive journalists to Nice, France, for an opportunity to drive the Euro-spec C-max as a preview of things to come. However, according to what Priddy has heard, American customers will most likely have only the Grand C-max to choose from simply due to the regular C-max is considered too small to suit the taste of U.S. drivers.

Watch for a possible debut at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show.

Ford Grand C-Max
Photos courtesy of Brenda Priddy & Co.