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Spy Shots—Ford's Fiesta-Based CUV Shows Some Metal Stateside

Fiesta-based CUV
Last time the shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co. set their sights on Ford's Fiesta-based CUV undergoing tests, it was winding its way up the mountains in Europe. Here are some shots of the small CUV riding the roads in Southeast Michigan.

The disguised front end on this prototype almost certainly means the Fiesta CUV will get a unique front end, according to Priddy. The larger steel wheels, raised ground clearance and larger gap between the tops of the tires and bodywork reveal just how high-riding this new CUV is. The wheels also protrude past each side of the car, showing the wider track.

Priddy says to expect a stylish design that blends the off-road influence of the Kuga with the Fiesta’s acclaimed looks, plus a choice of two- and four-wheel-drive variants and EcoBoost engines.

Fiesta-based CUV
Photo Credit: Chris Doane/Brenda Priddy & Company