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Spy Shots—VW Testing Possible Passat Replacement?

VW New Sedan

The spy-shooting sleuths at Brenda Priddy & Co. recently captured shots of VW's new sedan out for a late-season, desert-testing run. Referred to as the NMS (as in “new midsize sedan”), this new car will fit in after the Jetta in VW’s lineup, but Priddy is not sure if it will replace the Passat, be named Passat in the States or be in addition to the new Passat. However, Priddy believes that based on what she saw, the car will replace the Passat here in North America because they are simply too similar in size to warrant both cars.

Volkswagen has openly mentioned the NMS and what the company hopes to accomplish with this vehicle and its required amenities. Volkswagen has promised generous legroom, a large cargo/trunk area, more and super-sized cup holders, an improved interior, ABS with front and rear disc brakes, ample airbags, interface with various mobile devices, a six-speed double clutch (DSG) transmission or five-speed manual, FSI and TDI powerplants and a possible AWD option.

Priddy says that initially the engines and transmissions will be manufactured in Mexico, along with the new Beetle and Jetta engines. The first pilot builds will start this coming January, according to Priddy, with the Chattanooga plant starting full production on the ’12 models in the spring.

VW's New Sedan
Photo Credit: Brenda Priddy & Company