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SEMA and Industry Well-Positioned Following Historic 2010 Election

If you attended the 2010 SEMA Show, you may have missed the final results of this year’s mid-term elections. As predicted, the political landscape has changed again, and for the first time since 2006, Republicans will hold a significant majority in the House of Representatives. Democrats have maintained their slim control of the Senate.

SEMA is well positioned to work closely with members of Congress when the new legislative year begins in January. This year’s mid-term election has raised SEMA’s profile on Capitol Hill and strengthened our relationships with lawmakers supportive of small-business issues. Please click here to view a complete listing of election results in your state and post-election analysis as posted on the SEMA Political Action Committee (PAC) website.

SEMA PAC allows the industry to work together towards a common political purpose. The PAC website,, makes it easy for industry members to quickly become “PAC-Approved”—an authorization form required by federal law that allows SEMA to share information about the PAC—and to make online, secure contributions. We encourage all members to visit the new site, become PAC-Approved and learn how SEMA PAC is protecting your future.

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