SPEED Channel to Hold "Wheel Wars" Casting Call at the 2010 SEMA Show

  The SPEED Channel and People Farm Casting are looking for car-rebuild teams for Wheel Wars.

Attention SEMA Showgoers: the SPEED Channel and People Farm Casting are looking for car-rebuild teams for "Wheel Wars" and will hold open casting for 10 episodes next week at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Show Description

Wheel Wars is a one-hour reality competition series in car building. Each episode pits two top teams against each other to see who can transform an old junker into a show car in just 72 hours. In each episode, a visiting team will challenge the "Wheel Wars" All-Stars made up of the country’s top custom car makers. The two teams will be given the same tools, the same machines and, most importantly, the same car. That’s right, each team will start with the same junker and must not only race each other, but also the clock, in turning the junker into a new car.

After 72 hours, the cars will be judged using three categories: build quality, originality and performance. If the All-Star team wins, they get to keep their reputations. If the visiting team wins, they take their car home with them AND they get the All-Star’s car. Reputations, egos and old-fashioned bragging rights are at stake, and no one wants to leave the garage a loser.

The program's pace is urgent. Every split-second decision will be shown, every mistake will be analyzed. Engines will break, bolts will fly, tempers will flare and fists may even be thrown.

Open-door interviews will be held at the SEMA Show, November 3–5, in Room N106. If you and your crew want the chance to showcase your custom rebuild skills, "Wheel Wars" wants to see you!

For questions, e-mail, or just show up while you’re at the SEMA Show.