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SEMA Urges “YES” Vote on Proposition 23

An important reminder to SEMA’s California membership: Please ask your employees to vote “YES” on California Proposition 23 (Prop 23), an initiative to suspend implementation of the state’s “Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.” Prop 23 is on the November 2 California statewide ballot.

Proposition 23 is a pro-business measure that would suspend implementation of a range of global-warming initiatives enacted under AB 32, which would have the effect of burdening businesses and hampering economic recovery and job growth. Under the terms of the proposition, while the law is suspended, no agency would be permitted to adopt or enforce global-warming-related regulations authorized by AB 32. Affected regulations would include cap-and-trade policy and low carbon fuel standards for non-automotive applications, as well as a range of unspecified measures.

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