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Pennsylvania Proposes Registration Fee Hikes

Legislation introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature threatens to increase fees for all vehicle owners. Under the bill, general passenger cars will face a $13 increase in their registration fee, while the one-time registration fee for antique, classic and collectible vehicles will go up by $27 (from $75 to $102), and the initial registration fee for street rods by $29 (from $20 to $51). Additionally, these fees would be increased again each subsequent year following enactment.

The measure was introduced as the state struggles to find funding for its transportation infrastructure in the face of budget shortcomings. The SEMA Action Network (SAN) has received feedback from many Pennsylvania legislators indicating that they do not support a fee increase that would negatively impact motorists, especially owners of unique and historical vehicles. As of this time, no one has stepped forward to remove the increases from the proposal.

The bill currently awaits action in the House Appropriations Committee. Click here for more information and to contact Committee members.

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