The Challenges of Measuring SEO Success

Online Marketing Conference
During the SEMA Online Marketing Conference, Ray "Catfish" Comstock will cover search analytics and what they mean to your company's search campaign.
In a recent article of a "Search Engine Watch" three-part series, by Ray "Catfish" Comstock, BusinessOnLine, he talked about how to measure search engine optimization (SEO) success. But those measurements are predicated on understanding your organic rankings in search engines for the search terms that drive revenue or leads to your site.

However, some recent changes to the data that Google now offers dramatically changes the way we think of "search rankings" and really underscore the notion that search engines continue to focus on user experience as they improve their ranking formulas. Important factors to consider are:
  • How Personalization and Localization Changed the SEO Game
  • Why "Average Rank" is an Important New KPI
  • How and Where to Get the New Webmaster Tools Ranking Data
  • Better Understanding SEO Performance
  • Why the User's Experience Continues to Grow in Importance
Learn more from Ray "Catfish" Comstock, who will be a featured presenter at the SEMA Online Marketing Conference, November 1, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. His presentation will be a deeper dive into the topic of search analytics and what they mean to your search campaign.

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