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Looking for a Show Exhibitor? Your Smartphone Can Help

Finding an exhibitor’s booth number or the time and location of a celebrity appearance at the 2010 SEMA Show can be done using the new SEMA Show mobile website powered by Fourstream USA.

At the 2010 SEMA Show, attendees will have access to from their web-enabled smartphones. Save time and enter the URL into your cell phone’s list of “favorite” websites right now. The mobile version of is a unique digital tool powered by Fourstream USA. The company’s chief executive officer, Richard “Buzz” Brown explained that most websites do not display effectively on mobile devices, despite the growing necessity for companies to offer users mobile web access.

“Attendees at the SEMA Show are the trendsetters for the automotive specialty-equipment industry,” stated Brown. “And the SEMA Show ‘eGuide’ will be a natural fit for their lifestyle, which requires mobile access to event schedules, booth locations, celebrity appearances and Show news.”

For up-the-minute updates from the Show floor, users can point their mobile browser to the site and simply click on “SEMA Show News.” To find an exhibitor’s booth number, simply click the “Exhibitors” tab and type the company’s name into the searchable database. To confirm an event, or fill some extra time in your schedule, just click “Events Schedule.” Along the same lines, members of the media can click on the “Media” button to review press conference schedules, a list of celebrity appearances and find contact information for the SEMA News Bureau. The same information is also available in Spanish by pressing the “Version en Espanol” icon at the bottom of the screen.

The SEMA eGuide is one more tool that attendees have available to get the biggest return on their SEMA Show investment. To take a sneak peek at the enhanced mobile version of click here.