Reach Buyers Before the Show Through Secure, Confidential Exhibitor Invites Program

  exhibitor invites
  Exhibitor Invites offer 2010 SEMA Show exhibitors another way to reach buyers with discounts, incentives and company news.
Looking for another way to connect with buyers? A free, new tool called Exhibitor Invites enables 2010 SEMA Show exhibitors to create their own customized e-mail campaigns, allowing them to send up to three e-mails to an unlimited number of buyers and prospects. Program features include:

• Discounts, incentives, company information and new-product announcements.

• Upload buyer and prospect files to Exhibitor Invites' bonded and licensed third-party e-mail service, Global IntelliSystems. Each list is 100% secure and will not be shared with anyone (not even SEMA).

• Company name, logo, booth number and customized message is included as part of the three separate HTML e-mails. Exhibitors approve the message and the schedule while SEMA pays for the whole thing.

• Boost awareness about each exhibitor’s company and help ensure that all key customers and prospects attend the 2010 SEMA Show and stop by the exhibitor’s booth.

The exhibitor who generates the most qualified buyers by October 1, 2010, receives $25,000 worth of on-site signage for the Show. SEMA will host a webinar on Thursday, September 2, 2010, to bring exhibitors up to speed on the Exhibitor Invites system (look for a webinar registration e-mail shortly). To get started, click here. Your username is your e-mail address and your password is sema2010.

Contact Shelly Purcell at 319/521-3340 with any questions about using the Exhibitor Invites program. If you have any problems using the system, send an e-mail to