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Spy Shots: New Rear-Drive Subaru Tries Out STI Look

Spy Shots: Subaru FT-86

Looking not unlike a latter version of Volkswagen’s loved and forgotten Corrado, the Subaru FT-86 may offer not only a base model, but also an STI edition, if these photos from Brenda Priddy are any indication.

Priddy says that though the body work camouflage looks similar to previous mule spottings, there is one key difference with this one: the bump in the hood. Though this might normally indicate a top-mounted intercooler or supercharger, the appearance of a front-mounted intercooler down low, peeking out from the front fascia, suggests this is the STI-spec powertrain/chassis mule.

Priddy also notes that this car, a joint project with Toyota, is riddled with speculation, but there are a few bits that seem likely. The chassis should be a modified Legacy. It’s expected to be a 2+2 configuration with a 2.0L rear-wheel-drive powertrain and independent suspension. A 2.5L turbocharged mill is also likely.

Priddy says sources are mixed on when the FT-86 will go onsale. Some say it should be ready near the end of 2011, others say the program has suffered setbacks and won’t bow until 2013.










Spy Shots: Subaru FT-86

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