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Spy Shots: BMW Revisits the Hatchback, This Time With 300 hp

Spy Shots: BMW 1 Series hatchback

Don't be fooled by the fake seam line indicating a rear passenger door, says Brenda Priddy. This is, in fact, a three-door hatchback version of the next-generation BMW 1 Series.

Even with the decoy door handle, Priddy says the seam line is just a diversion, with the angled B-pillar another giveaway of the hatch nature of this prototype. We're inclined to agree, as a rear door of that narrow width would make it useless to all but thrill-seeking children.

"We've seen prototypes of five-door variants of the next-gen 1 Series, but both body styles reveal the next 1 Series with a sleeker, extended look," Priddy adds. "The new design may just make the 1 Series look less compact."

Earlier photos show the five-door 1 Series with cues from the current 135i, namely single, round exhaust pipes out the back which hint at the possibility of the 302hp straight-six turbo engine recently introduced in the current 135i coupe and convertible. The next-gen 1 Series is expected to debut next year as a ’12 model, although no word if this three-door will be in the mix.










Spy Shots: BMW 1 Series

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