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Have You Registered a Patent or Trademark? Your Competition Has

  Copyright and Trademark
  Don't wait to secure your intellectual property rights—visit SEMA's webpage that breaks down all facets of IP protection.

Protecting the intellectual property rights (IPR) of its members is a top SEMA priority. The process begins when companies register their patents, trademarks and copyrights with government agencies in the United States (and other countries). Registration is a key to establishing legal rights.

To assist its members, SEMA has created a webpage called Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights, hosting material that explains different types of IP, including: protecting new products (utility patents) and product designs (design patent), identifying the source of the product (trademarks) and protecting product brochures or website designs (copyright).

It also contains information on how to register IP along with links to seminars, webinars and SEMA News articles.

With respect to enforcing IP rights at the SEMA Show, the association has developed an effective policy for pursuing infringement allegations. SEMA’s IP enforcement policy is posted on the IPR webpage and is also published as part of the Exhibitor Services Manual.

Questions may be directed to Stuart Gosswein at stuartg@sema.org.