SEMA Councils Respond to SEMA PAC Challenge

SEMA is holding a “Council Challenge” contest from August 1 to October 8, 2010 to further expand the awareness of SEMA PAC (Political Action Committee). The contest is limited to council Select Committee members. The council with the highest total contributions and 100% “PAC-approved” Select Committee membership will be the winner. The grand prize includes $1,000 to be used toward a council project, recognition and special seating at the Industry Awards Banquet at the SEMA Show and other high-visibility acknowledgements.

SEMA PAC allows the industry to work together towards a common goal. As we know, political decisions made in Washington directly affect the strength of our industry. From “Cash for Clunkers” to the health care debate, SEMA has fought hard to protect our member companies. SEMA PAC is a crucial tool for increasing the industry’s visibility and clout.

The new SEMA PAC website,, makes it easy to quickly become “PAC-approved”—an authorization form required by federal law that allows SEMA to share information about the PAC—and to make online, secure contributions.

Questions may be directed to Dan Sadowski at