Capturing Electronic Leads at the 2010 SEMA Show

  SEMA Showfloor
  The sales leads gathered at the SEMA Show will be loaded onto a USB thumb drive given to exhibitors at Show close.

Obtaining quality leads is a key objective for all trade show exhibitors. Turning those leads into sales drives business. Lead management products are designed to help capture leads on the Show floor and allow easy follow-up after the Show.

All attendees wear a badge with a barcode printed directly on the badge. Exhibitors who rent a lead retrieval unit have the ability to scan the barcode when a buyer visits your booth. The scan captures the buyer’s profile and demographic information, offering data more detailed than a typical business card.

At Show close, exhibitors are given a USB drive containing all Show leads, which can be uploaded into most formats.

Order a lead management product from CompuSystems here.