Peninsula and Split Island Exhibits: What's the Difference?

  Whether you have a split island or peninsula, keep in mind line-of-site rules when designing your exhibit space.
With the 2010 SEMA Show rapidly approaching, now’s the time for exhibitors to submit their booth plans. Exhibitors with booths 400 sq. ft. or larger must complete the Exhibit Space Design Notification. It is vital that exhibitors fully understand the display regulations and how they impact an exhibitor’s ability to utilize the space within their booth. Exhibitors are often confused between the rules applicable to “peninsula” booths and “split island” booths. Following is a brief synopsis of the differences between the two (view diagrams for both configurations in the Exhibit Display Regulations):

Peninsula Exhibit: Created when an aisle is on three sides of the booth and linear booths are directly behind the peninsula booth. When creating an exhibit layout for a peninsula exhibit, line-of-site rules apply: 5 ft. from the aisle and 10 ft. from a neighboring exhibit; the maximum height for any sign, display, product, fixture or decoration is 4 ft. Diagram 17 of the Display Regulations.

Split Island Exhibit:
Similar to a peninsula exhibit space (an aisle is on three sides), however, instead of linear booths behind the peninsula, it simply shares a common backwall with another peninsula exhibit. For split island exhibits, both booths that share the common backwall can utilize the entire booth space up to the maximum allowable height of 16 ft. Diagram 18 of the Display Regulations.

Note: Split island configurations are not guaranteed for future shows and exhibitors may require a peninsula installation. Companies are advised to build a flexible exhibit that can be adjusted to fit a peninsula location and the line-of-site rules.

The Exhibit Space Design Notification is due by September 10, 2010. This information allows Show management to review booth diagrams to prevent any issues onsite with display regulation violations.

If you have any questions regarding the Exhibit Display Regulations or the Exhibit Space Design Notification, please contact Jeff Pressman at