How Current Technology Helps You Convert More Leads at the SEMA Show

Paul McCaffray, executive vice president and COO of CompuSystems, shows exhibitors how to promote themselves to potential buyers before, during and after the SEMA Show.

The SEMA Show Exhibitor Summit took place in May and offered participants valuable information, techniques and skills designed to guarantee a profitable and successful SEMA Show experience. The Summit featured key staff and trade show industry experts leading a series of programs created to ensure exhibitors get the most out of the industry’s annual trade event.

Weren’t able to attend the Summit? Not a problem. The valuable educational seminars were recorded and will be presented here in SEMA eNews.

This week’s SEMA Exhibitor Summit installment is based on the “Converting Leads to Sales” seminar led by Paul McCaffray, executive vice president and COO of CompuSystems, a registration service provider.

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A different seminar will be highlighted each week in SEMA eNews. To view other Summit videos, click here.

CompuSystems’ job is to provide exhibitors with an opportunity to promote themselves to potential buyers before the 2010 SEMA Show, produce a credential that is easy to read and enable exhibitors and potential buyers to follow up with each other after the Show.

The Show registration process officially launches the connection between buyers and sellers. Via CompuSystems’ TrafficMax application, exhibitors can download a selected portion of the registration file before, during and after the Show and then select the date range for when buyers registered so they don’t attempt to reach out to the same group of people. According to McCaffray, for exhibitors who market themselves to prospective attendees year after year, 10% of the leads they take are from people they’ve marketed to before. Exhibitors can also narrow their selections geographically in the event they only operate in a particular region or state. This service provides exhibitors an opportunity to tell their story to Show attendees beforehand.

The SEMA Show badge serves two purposes: to provide identification and serve as an electronic business card. The two-dimensional barcode includes all personal information, including visitor profile information, so when exhibitors obtain a sales lead, they will know as much information about the potential buyer beyond the information commonly displayed on a business card. After each lead’s badge is scanned using a mobile or desktop device for a qualified sales lead, the data is recorded electronically on an embedded USB drive.

CompuLEAD Pro provides software prior to the Show where exhibitors can set up an extensive, customized survey and questionnaire unique to them. The device comes with a cable and plugs into a computer’s USB port. After scanning the badge, it provides a survey with questions exhibitors may want to ask visitors. A new iPhone application uses General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) to grab information from the Internet and transfer to your phone via CompuSystems’ BuyerConnect portal.

In 2011, a PDA-style mobile device will be able to scan the badge and put the information in real-time into the BuyerConnect portal and allow exhibitors to perform a survey on potential buyers. Every potential buyer who visits a booth with a lead-recording device during the Show will receive a corresponding BuyerConnect e-mail as a reminder of where they visited so they can also follow up with exhibitors. This enables the exhibitor-visitor interaction to continue even after the Show ends.

Click here to watch the video presentation in its entirety.