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Hurst Performance Backs Products Through SEMA ProPledge Guarantee

  Hurst Camaro
  Hurst Performance is backing its products, parts and installations with a three-year/30,000-mile warranty through SEMA's ProPledge Program.

In an effort to continue providing its automotive OEM and dealership consumers with added value, Hurst Performance Vehicles has joined the rapidly growing SEMA ProPledge warranty program as a manufacturer.

The leading performance brand’s partnership with ProPledge ensures a three-year/36,000-mile warranty on its products, parts and installations, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved with the sale and purchase of a Hurst aftermarket performance vehicle.

“We are confident that our involvement as a SEMA ProPledge manufacturer will provide our automotive OEM and dealership customers with quality assurance and peace of mind, while allowing us to garner increased market visibility and possible new business opportunities,” said Nate Shelton, president of Hurst Performance Vehicles.

ProPledge is an industry-wide initiative targeted to overcome the traditional barriers associated with specialty aftermarket products sold during the new-vehicle sales process—namely warranty and customer satisfaction scores.

It is a cooperative initiative comprised of SEMA-member manufacturers and installers committed to delivering quality products and services. By way of ProPledge, dealers can offer to customers industry-backed warranted products from participating manufacturers and restylers ensuring dealership confidence and consumer satisfaction.

“The ProPledge program has proven to be an effective tool for helping manufacturers increase sales and brand recognition at the dealership level,” said Joe Sebergandio, ProPledge operations director. “Having an iconic brand such as Hurst join the program is a testament to the value of ProPledge. It’s also significant because it adds a comprehensive line of performance products to the list of items included in the ProPledge program” (an in-depth discussion with Sebergandio about ProPledge can be found here.)

By partnering with Hurst Performance Vehicles—one of the most recognized and revered names in automobile history—SEMA is adding additional value to the ProPledge program by providing an effective communication medium connecting aftermarket manufacturers to restylers to dealers, which, ultimately, communicates the ProPledge advantage to the retail consumer.

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