Thousands Gather to Celebrate First-Ever "Collector Car Appreciation Day"

  National Collector Car Appreciation Day
  A U.S. Senate resolution has declared July 9 a day to celebrate classic automotive iron and muscle.

Marked by U.S. Senate Resolution 513 (S. Res. 513), the first-ever Collector Car Appreciation Day is being celebrated on July 9, 2010, by car lovers and enthusiasts throughout the country. Thousands of individuals will join together at events scheduled in cities and towns across the United States and Canada. View a list of all Collector Car Appreciation Day events.  

“We’re pleased that our elected officials in Washington recognize the positive impact that the automotive industry has made,” said Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO. “The resolution and special day give car collectors an opportunity to celebrate their passion for cars and trucks of every era. It also reaffirms the important role that automobiles have played in our cultural heritage.”

The resolution was the result of an effort undertaken by SEMA and its councils as a means to raise awareness of the vital role the collector car hobby plays in American society. Restoration businesses help save our nation’s heritage while providing well-paying, high-skill jobs nationwide.

The resolution was sponsored by Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus members Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) and Senator Richard Burr (R-NC). The Caucus is an informal, non-partisan group that recognizes the integral role collector cars have played in fostering our nation’s appreciation for motorsports. 

Americans are encouraged to celebrate the inaugural event by finding and attending a Collector Car Appreciation Day event or organizing their own events.

“Go to an event and you’ll see just how integral classic cars and trucks are in American society,” said Kersting. “It will be evident that these historic vehicles serve as the inspiration for everything from music and photography to cinema and fashion. On top of that, they’re a lot of fun!”