Racing & Performance Exhibitors Gear Up for Strong 2010 SEMA Showing

With 429 exhibitors so far, Racing & Performance is the largest SEMA Show category. Space is currently limited, so reserve your space now!

As the world’s premier automotive specialty-products trade show, the 2010 SEMA Show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 2–5, attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from more than 100 countries and also provides a unique opportunity for buyers and exhibitors to connect.

The Show is comprised of 12 categories and each will be highlighted separately weekly in SEMA eNews. This week’s category is Racing & Performance, which typically draws the highest number of exhibiting companies, including first-time exhibitors. So far, more than 429 Racing & Performance companies—46 of which are first-timers—are exhibiting in 2,137 booths in the Central Hall.

“Racing & Performance was the first section of the Show to sell out this year,” said Peter MacGillivray, SEMA vice president of communications and events. “We will continue to work with other racing and performance businesses that want to participate in the Show, but space is going quickly.”

Born Out of Racing and Performance

The racing and performance market represents the history and foundation of SEMA—whose original acronym stood for Speed Equipment Manufacturer’s Association—which encompasses thousands of businesses in an array of niche market segments. Because racing and performance is such a core element of the Show, many of the 3,000 members of the media in attendance seek products from these exhibitors.

“Racing and performance represents our heritage; our past and our future,” MacGillivray said. “SEMA has roots in this industry and to see this section so strong speaks volumes regarding our industry and commitment to this business category. Over the years, we have diversified to include other important Show sections, but our core remains strong.

“Original visitors to the SEMA Show came from racing and performance, and 40 years later they are still with us because of our Board of Directors’ and committees’ commitment to the Show’s accessibility,” he continued. “The Show includes innovative ways for businesses to promote their products and reach out to existing companies and new buyers around the world. This includes the NHRA Breakfast, New Products Showcase and Proving Grounds. These events help us to bring the Show to life and make it easier for buyers and sellers to conduct business.”

New Products Showcase

For buyers, racing and performance parts are among the most sought after as customers are moving away from “bling” to focus more on functional products. At the 2009 Show, engines/engine components were the top product interest among all pre-registered buyers at 11%. In addition, exhaust systems are among the top sellers for late-model performance vehicles, including Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers. Last year’s New Products Showcase prominently featured racing and performance products with more than 600 registered entries.

At the Show, buyers can check out the latest in performance engines, suspension and chassis systems, as well as apparel, safety gear and fuels. Both traditional gas applications and diesel products will be on display, including power adders, such as nitrous, superchargers and turbochargers, along with the latest innovations in coating and cooling technologies.

“We want to give people the ability to bring their new products and technology to life,” MacGillivray said. “The magic that happens at trade shows can’t be duplicated online or on television. Our job is to leverage this synergy.”

Emerging Technologies

Automakers increasingly are investing billions of dollars in developing vehicle technologies, including hybrid powertrain systems and alternative fuels, which creates an opportunity for exhibitors to reach another group of buyers within the racing and performance segment who are interested in green technology.

“The industry has thrown us technical curveballs that we’ve been able to turn into selling opportunities,” MacGillivray said. “It’s still early on and consumers aren’t quite there yet in terms of numbers, but the industry is on the cutting edge of new markets. The SEMA Show is like a crystal ball that will provide answers as to which technologies will appear in the future.”

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