Six Lanes, Six Classes, Six Seconds–Pinewood Drag Races Promise Thrilling Finish

  Proceeds from the Pinewood Drag Race will benefit Childhelp USA and Victory Junction Gang Camp charities.
Last year’s Pinewood Drag Race winners look to hold their titles without struggle, if early registrations are any indication. While overall registrations are ahead of pace for this year’s July 24 event, race organizer Dave Williams of Rampage Products says industry companies have been slow to challenge each other with cars of their own design.

And this year, bragging rights are wide open, with the Invitational Builders Race, the first running of the Council Cup, and the one-run, winner-takes-all adrenaline rush of the Grand National race.

More than 20 well-known hot rodders are prepping their own pinewood cars for the Invitational Builders Race, all aiming for a shot at winning the HRIA Cup, presented by the Hot Rod Industry Alliance.

The inaugural Council Cup, meanwhile, will pit SEMA-member company representatives on SEMA’s 10 councils up against one another for council honor. And for the grand finale, the Grand National: a one-run, take-all event for the winners in each Pinewood class, including the Builders Invitational, Council Cup and a "kids car" champion.

Of course, all the smack talk fuels a little competitive spirit, but the real winners are the children of Childhelp and Victory Junction Gang Camp. All proceeds from the race benefit these two charities, who work to improve the lives of kids who have suffered abuse and illness.

Ready to show your support and represent your company in the coolest race of the summer? Follow this link to get started. You can choose to build your own car from a SEMA-supplied kit and race it in the Stock, Modified or Unlimited classes, or you can simply choose a car already built by the kids at Childhelp and Victory Junction Gang Camp by selecting the “Build It For Me” option. You don’t even need to be present; we’ll race it for you and send you the results.

The Pinewood Drag Race is part of the 2010 SEMA Leadership Days, which includes the Business Technology Symposium, Installation Banquet & Gala Fundraiser, and the Show ‘N Shine car show.