SEMA Consumer Demand Index Tracks 25% Rise in Specialty Equipment Interest From Last Year

  May 2010 CDI
  With a value of 40 for May, SEMA’s Consumer Demand Index experienced a decrease of eight points, or 17% from April.

SEMA’s Consumer Demand Index for the month of May is up 25% over the same month last year. With a value of 40 for May, the index experienced a decrease of eight points or 17% from April.

Approximately 912,000 households reportedly intend to make specialty-equipment purchases in the next three months equating to $1.3 billion in sales. These buyers are most likely to purchase accessories and appearance products, followed by racing and performance products. The index for the former rose 18% from April while that of the latter declined 37%.

The SEMA Consumer Demand Index for Performance Products and Accessories (formerly PADI) measures purchase intentions of consumers (both enthusiast and mainstream) over the following 90 days. As enthusiasts represent approximately 10%–15% of U.S. drivers, the Index is likely to be an indicator of mainstream consumer demand for automotive specialty and performance products.

The Consumer Demand Index is a weighted composite index, set to an initial value of 100 based on demand levels benchmarked between January and March 2007.

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