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Build Your SEMA Show Buzz With Free E-mail Campaign

  Exhibitors at the SEMA Show
  Alert your customers and prospects about booth and product specials at the 2010 SEMA Show through a customized, free e-mail campaign.

2010 SEMA Show Exhibitors: Want to communicate directly with your buyers and prospects? SEMA is now offering Exhibitor Invites, a third-party service that allows you to launch a free customized e-mail campaign prior to the Show.

Using Global Intellisystems, a licensed and bonded independent e-mail service, exhibitors can send up to three separate e-mail messages to an unlimited number of customers and future clients. Use them to offer valuable discounts or incentives, or announce new products on preview at your booth.

Your company name, logo, booth number and customized message are all included as part of the three separate HTML e-mails. You approve the message and the schedule, and SEMA picks up the tab. It’s that simple. Also please note that SEMA will not have access to the email addresses provided.

Using Exhibitor Invites is more timely than postal mail and easier to track. It’s a great way to boost awareness about your company and ensure that key customers and prospects stop by your booth for a visit.

Exhibitor Invites will launch next month, so start preparing your email lists now! The exhibitor who generates the most qualified buyers by October 1 receives $25,000 worth of on-site signage at the Show.