Top Vehicle Program Evolves at SEMA Show

  SEMA Showfloor Exhibitors
  2010 SEMA Show exhibitors will choose the hottest, trend-setting cars, trucks and off-road machines at the Show this year.
The SEMA Show "Vehicle Manufacturer of the Show" (VMOS) program is being modified to showcase top trendsetting vehicles. Through this enhanced program, exhibitors of the 2010 SEMA Show will determine the hottest cars and trucks in three categories: car, truck and 4x4.

“The SEMA Show is a reflection of the industry, and that’s largely a result of our exhibitors’ unique ability to identify and create trends,” said Bill Wolf, SEMA senior director of OEM relations. “We recognize that exhibitors invest a great deal into developing a SEMA Show plan. We know this isn’t a casual decision. The choice to display a booth vehicle is a statement about which vehicles represent the hottest trends and customization opportunities for car and truck enthusiasts.”

Show organizers will survey every booth vehicle at the SEMA Show, which takes place Tuesday–Friday, November 2–5, 2010, in Las Vegas. The most prominent vehicles in three categories—car, truck and 4x4—will be announced as the Vehicles of the Show.

With more than 1,500 exhibiting companies each year, the SEMA Show typically includes more than 700 qualified booth vehicles. Modifications range from products that improve performance, safety and convenience, to those that enhance appearance and comfort.

“This is an evolution to a great program,” said Wolf. “Since the Vehicle Manufacturer of the Show program launched more than 10 years ago, we’ve seen the level of collaboration between SEMA members and automakers increase tremendously. Automakers have discovered how to increase sales by working with SEMA members, and SEMA members have been able to develop better quality products in shorter amounts of time.”

Members of the SEMA industry have defined trends and pioneered technology for several decades. Their cumulative voice influences consumer spending and creates business opportunities for our industry. This program is intended to leverage that special role our industry plays.

Contenders for the winning vehicles will be announced prior to the SEMA Show, with the winning vehicles named on the first day of the event, Tuesday, November 2, in Las Vegas.

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