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Sponsor a Child and Race for the Finish at the Pinewood Drag Races

  Pinewood Drag Races
  All SEMA members are invited to join the children of Childhelp in building pinewood dragsters for the upcoming Pinewood Drag Races.

SEMA has arranged a special trip to Childhelp Village to craft cars for the upcoming Pinewood Drag Races, one of the fundraising activities planned in conjunction with the SEMA Installation Banquet & Gala Fundraiser, July 23-24, at the Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, California.

SEMA invites all members to help the children of Childhelp sand, paint and assemble the cars for the third-annual races. Each child will build two cars: one to keep and one reserved for sponsorship by a caring SEMA member company or individual.

The build day will take place at Childhelp Village West in Beaumont, California, Saturday, May 8. Members interested in participating are invited to contact

The SEMA Installation Banquet & Gala Fundraiser is scheduled for Friday, July 23, at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena. Proceeds from the fundraising activities benefit Childhelp and Victory Junction charities.