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Spy Shots: Chevy Bumps Up New Malibu Production Date?

Chevy Malibu spy shots

Brenda Priddy says her cams were caught off guard when the 2012 Malibu prototype appeared almost totally undisguised. She says current rumors—given some legitimacy with this mule sighting—have GM moving up production dates for the Malibu, which is not expected to start until the first quarter of 2012.

The Malibu could start production as early as next summer at GM's Fairfax and/or Detroit-Hamtramck plant, Priddy adds. Riding on the Epsilon II chassis, the overall length of the Malibu will shrink compared to the current model, but insiders who have seen the finished product say it's roomier on the inside.

Chevy Malibu spy shots

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