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Members: Help Shape the Leadership of SEMA Councils and Committees

  ARMO Council Meeting
  Strong select committees set council direction and ensure that councils and committees work for the needs of the membership.

SEMA Council Select Committee elections are now open to all members. Historically, nominations for Select Committee seats were only accepted from members of an individual council or committee. This year, however, all SEMA-member company representatives, regardless of council or committee affiliation, are eligible to participate in the nomination process.

Any SEMA member may nominate an individual for one or multiple SEMA council or committee Select Committee seat(s). A nominee must, however, be a member of the council or committee to which he/she is nominated. Dues payment in advance may be required.

Also new this year is a electronic nomination form that is quick and easy to complete, and requires no printing or faxing. All nominations must be received by Monday, March 22, 5:00 p.m. Follow this link to the nomination form.

Strong Select Committees ensure that SEMA councils and committees continue their work on behalf of the membership. For members unfamiliar with SEMA councils and committees, please visit for an overview.