SEMA Members: Help Us Spread the SEMA Action Network News


SAN brochure
Help SEMA preserve the hobby—spread the news about SAN!   

SEMA members, help us spread the news about the SEMA Action Network (SAN) by placing the free SAN brochure, "Protect Your Passion," on your countertops. The SAN is the industry’s outreach to the hobbyist community and your customers. It is a nationwide partnership of car clubs, individuals and SEMA members who work together to promote industry-friendly laws and regulations.

The SAN brochure describes legislative issues impacting the enthusiast and solutions to keep your products in the marketplace. Topics include vehicle titling, vehicle suspension, inoperable vehicles, lighting equipment, scrappage and modified exhaust systems. “Protect Your Passion" describes how to join the SAN and collectively help protect the hobby.

To request SAN brochures for your store, contact Ethan Landesman at 202/783-6007 ext. 39, or at