Iowa Bill Seeks Registration Fee Reduction for Limited-Use Antiques

SEMA is supporting Iowa legislation to allow any antique motor vehicle to be registered as a “limited-use” antique vehicle for an annual fee of $5. The bill adds “other occasional use” to the purposes for which a limited-use antique vehicle may be driven.

"Other occasional use" is defined as driven not more than 1,000 miles annually. Iowa law defines an "antique motor vehicle" to mean any motor vehicle 25 years old or older.

Iowa law currently only allows an antique motor truck, truck tractor, road tractor or motor home that is used exclusively for exhibition or educational purposes to apply for a limited-use, two-year registration for a fee of $70. In addition to 1,000 miles annual use, the bill would allow all antique vehicles registered for limited use to be driven to and from state and county fairs (or other places of entertainment or education) for exhibition or educational purposes; to and from service stations for the purpose of receiving necessary maintenance; and for the purposes of transporting, testing, demonstrating or selling the vehicle.

Follow this link for more information. For additional details, contact Steve McDonald.