Product Prototypes for the Price of a Dinner for Two

  ABS shock-rapid prototyping program
  This ABS plastic shock absorber is just one example of many ways to use SEMA's Rapid Prototyping Service to save time and money during product development.

The SEMA Technology Transfer Program is one of the most valuable SEMA manufacturer member benefits, offering exclusive access to more than 42,000 Chrysler, Ford, GM and Scion CAD factory data files, as well as rapid prototyping services that dramatically cut reverse engineering costs and product development cycles.

The SEMA Rapid Prototyping Service can produce an ABS plastic prototype of your design created at a substantially reduced, member-only rate, leading to earlier product validation by eliminating costly traditional casting molds or CNC programming.

Ready Ramp President Cord Bauer is a satisfied user of the Tech Transfer Rapid Prototype Service.

“For the price of a dinner for two, I can test and fine tune my products prior to opening molds, saving me thousands in tooling costs and months of development time. And the parts turn out better."

See the benefits for yourself in this one-and-a-half minute rapid prototyping video.

Save big on time and money—log onto or call 909/396-0289 and ask for Oscar Muñoz (ext. 211) or Gary Pis (ext. 214).