How Data Standards Can Make Selling Your Products Easy

SEMA’s Business Technology Committee (BTC) will conduct a seminar in conjunction with the Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show that will cover the basics and benefits of standardized product information.

The BTC exists to help SEMA members make the right technology decisions. The idea is to focus on expanding selling opportunities and cut costs through the use of standards and the right technologies. Manufacturers who've taken the time to get their data into industry-standard formats are experiencing company-wide benefits, such as fewer returns by reduction of data entry errors and inaccurate fitments, increased speed to market for all products and improved inventory efficiency to reduce costs.

Participate in the BTC seminar that promises no “geek speak” and learn why adopting industry standards will increase your company's efficiency and profits. The information provided during the session is easy to understand and is a must for retailers, jobbers, WDs and manufacturers.

SEMA Business Technology Committee Seminar

Where: Hotrod & Restoration Show – Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana
When: Thursday, March 11 – Presented by Scott O’Toole
Topic: “Learn How Data Can Make Selling Your Products Easy!”

Access the Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show seminar registration form here. The deadline to submit your seminar registration form is Friday, February 12. To obtain additional information regarding the 2010 Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show, visit