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Spy Shots: Classic Look, New Face for Next-Gen Benz SL

Mercedes Benz SL

Brenda Priddy's spy photo network caught new shots of the next Mercedes-Benz SL, here snow-testing nearly two years before its expected debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The car’s classic layout is still visible even with heavy camouflage, and Priddy says the relatively long front and rear overhangs, along with a retractable metal roof, will remain key features. New to the SL will be an upright front grille designed to accomodate new pedestrian-protection rules in the European Union.

Unlike today’s model, which is built in Bremen, Germany, the next generation will be built in Stuttgart, partly helping to save jobs endangered by Mercedes-Benz's plan to outsource production of the C-class to the United States.

Mercedes Benz SL

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