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SEMA/CAR Report: "No More Normal" in the New Auto Industry Landscape

  John Waraniak, SEMA VP of Vehicle Technology
  "There is no more 'normal' as the [auto] industry restructures and transforms," says SEMA Vice President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak.

Because the auto industry is undergoing serious structural changes, SEMA commissioned the highly regarded Center for Automotive Research (CAR) to conduct a groundbreaking multi-phased series of specialty-equipment industry forecasting reports to assist members with technology and business planning.

The three reports feature exclusive insights from forward-looking information on changes in vehicle technology, OEM direction/strategy, government regulatory trends and the consumer mindset.

The reports are useful to the decisions you make today, and the information will increase your understanding and knowledge about vehicle manufacturer plans for technology and economic forecasts that feature the specialty-equipment industry.

To serve as an overview of the information contained in the reports, SEMA News has featured articles highlighting some of the significant findings.

"Death of the Gasoline Engine? Not Just Yet"
The entire paradigm on which many built their existence—the dominance of the internal-combustion engine—appears to be collapsing. Actually, however, the best times for some specialty-equipment companies is yet to come.

"Adapting to Change—Identifying Opportunities for SEMA Members"
The automotive industry landscape is very rocky right now. A rapid sales rebound is not on the horizon, and many companies are going through radical restructuring. A study commissioned by SEMA and conducted by CAR sees opportunity for SEMA members in this environment.

The study is available free of charge to SEMA members. Access Phase I, II and III of the study here. View additional research and reports available through SEMA at