Market Snapshot

Consumer Demand for Industry’s Products on the Rise

  CDI December
  The December reading of SEMA's Consumer Demand Index shows increased demand for specialty-equipment products.

SEMA’s Consumer Demand Index for December reversed a two-month decline, rising six points to 38, two points better than its October reading.

The SEMA Consumer Demand Index for Performance Products and Accessories (formerly PADI) measures the purchasing intentions of both enthusiast and mainstream consumers over the following 90 days.

As enthusiasts represent approximately 10%–15% of U.S. drivers, the index is a likely indicator of mainstream consumer demand for automotive specialty and performance products.

Two trends worth noting: demand for wheel, tire and suspension components leaped 63 points in the Northeast from November to December, and more consumers in December (31%) were pursuing street-performance modifications—or are at least thinking about it—compared to the three-month average (23%).

General vehicle customization is still the most common path favored by consumers (42%), followed by more specific styles and categories, including the aforementioned street performance.

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Source: SEMA Market Research